Futures Webinar: Precision and Intelligent Systems in Medicine with Azra Bihorac

Join Prof. Bihorac to find out how a multidisciplinary research group of experts in data science, AI, and clinical informatics is developing intelligent clinical decision-making systems and technologies to optimize health care system delivery.

Clinical decision-making is dominated by hypothetical-deductive reasoning, individual judgment, and heuristics. These factors can lead to bias, error, and preventable harm. Traditional predictive analytics and clinical decision-support systems are intended to augment decision-making, but their clinical utility is compromised by time-consuming manual data management and suboptimal accuracy. These challenges can be overcome by automated artificial intelligence models fed by live streaming electronic health record data with mobile device outputs. This approach would require data standardization, advances in model interpretability, careful implementation and monitoring, attention to ethical challenges involving algorithm bias and accountability for errors, and preservation of bedside assessment and human intuition in the decision-making process.[watch video]

Future Webinar