PRISMAp director on BrainX Talks podcast

Photo of PRISMAp director Azra Bihorac

Precision and Intelligent Systems in Medicine Research Partnership (PRISMAP) director Azra Bihorac appeared on the BrainX Talks podcast on May 6, 2023, to discuss her history of medical AI research and the current state of machine learning in critical care medicine.

During the discussion about medical research, Dr. Bihorac stressed the importance of physician-scientists (i.e., doctors who regularly devote time to research).

“I think the physician-scientist is an endangered species,” Dr. Bihorac said. “But it’s so critical for health care. We cannot survive unless we build a robust physician-scientist workforce and maintain it. We have to have them, both for clinical/translational and also for emerging and AI research.”

Dr. Bihorac also discussed her current NIH-funded Bridge2AI project “A Patient-Focused CHoRUS for Equitable AI,” or CHoRUS, a multicenter grant for a four-year data-generation effort aimed at building an infrastructure for artificial intelligence in critical care and advancing artificial intelligence in ways that improve patients’ ability to recover from life-threatening illnesses.

The BrainX Talks podcast focuses on the intersection between machine learning and healthcare and is hosted by Ashish Khanna, an anesthesiologist and researcher at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Listen to the full podcast episode here.