Julie Cupka

Julie Cupka

Julie Cupka

Clinical Research Coordinator




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Julie Cupka earned her Bachelor’s degree at Tulane University with a co-ordinate major in Asian Studies, Focus: Japanese Language.  She spent a year assisting with cognitive research on hippocampal memory pathways in aging murine models by observing performance on lever-press tasks and associations with different sound frequencies. She also assisted with intraperitoneal infusions, hippocampal slicing, and stereotaxic surgery. After graduation, She worked in a local specialist animal hospital providing services in cardiology, internal medicine, and dermatology while pursuing continuing education in biomedical neuroscience. In the next few years, she aims to finish her MSc degree and enter medical school with a solid foundation in investigational practices.

Her career goals are to continue with neuropathology-focused medicine, whether it is comparative in nature or strictly clinical practice. Since the nervous system is a large piece of the systemic regulation and homeostatic equation, She believes that we have a great deal to gain from a deeper understanding of systemic neurologic responses to trauma or disease processes, cognition included. Her current work on delirium has only reinforced her desire to find comprehensive solutions for patients to recover on both a physical and mental level.

    • Delirium and AKI in the intensive care unit