The faces of PrismaP

PrismaP labs employs people of numerous professions, including data analysts, engineers, medical students, and graphic designers (For more info on individual team members, visit our group members page).

Above: The PrismaP Team

Our data analysts and programmers work hard to develop revolutionary medical algorithms.  (More about our projects here).

Above: Masters of code

To ensure the accuracy of our data and algorithms, Prisma P labs employs medical staff from the UF Shands hospital. The lab director herself, Dr. Azra Bihorac, is a fully qualified nephrologist.

Medical Students in front of equipment

Above: Clinical coordinators pose in front of lab equipment

Once our algorithms and code is developed, our engineering team works to make everything run smoothly. These team members manage our servers and databases.

When everything in the back end is running smoothly, our web developer makes it all look good.

Daniel Freeman working

Above: The graphics guy, colloquially known as Daniel Freeman

Below: More images related to PrismaP labs and staff