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Addressing Racial Disparities in Research

UF Research has recently awarded a grant to address racial disparities in clinical trials of treatments for some of the nation’s most prevalent chronic diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, obesity, and heart and kidney disease.

Photos of Drs. Crystal Johnson-Mann, Azra Bihorac, and Della V. Mosley. Title says: Leadership in Research Today for a Better Tomorrow

About PRismap Labs

PRISMAp (Precision and Intelligent Systems in Medicine Research Partnership) is a collaborative research partnership for the design, development, and implementation of intelligent healthcare systems. We unite cross-disciplinary teams of experts in Medicine, Informatics, Computer Science, Engineering, Health Policy, and Fine Arts to solve healthcare problems.

Our vision is to transform care for acutely ill patients using pervasive artificial intelligence to augment a human-centered healthcare system. Our partnership emphasizes the alignment of innovation, technology, and inclusive excellence to deliver optimal quality and experience for every patient, caregiver, and provider.

Our mission is to develop and support transformative, trustworthy, reproducible, sustainable, and ethical medical AI research, education, and clinical applications to advance patient health in acute care medicine.


Group Members

Teamwork makes the dream work. Our cross-disciplinary research team works together to create new discoveries that advance medicine.

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Innovation in medicine

Latest Research

PRISMAp is on the forefront of developing new technologies. Read our research studies to learn about the latest developments in digital health.

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PRISMAp faculty discuss medical AI advances in…

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The UF Health publication Florida Physician featured the Precision and Intelligent Systems Medicine Research Partnership (PRISMAp) lab director Azra…

Dr. Bihorac and Dr. Loftus

Artificial Intelligence Learns Treatment…

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Congratulations to Dr. Tezcan Ozrazgat-Baslanti, Dr. Crystal Johnson-Mann, and Dr. Tyler Loftus for their project “OR-DRD-AI2020: The…

Photos of Dr. Tezcan Ozrazgat-Baslanti, Dr. Crystal Johnson-Mann, and Dr. Tyler Loftus

Discovery and Validation of Urinary Molecular…

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A prospective cohort study by PRISMAp Read the research paper here.  Breaking barriers: PRISMAp researchers, in collaboration with…

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