About Us PRISMAp is a collaborative research partnership for the design, development, and implementation of Intelligent Healthcare Systems.

Bringing together experts in Medicine, Health Policy Research, and Computer Engineering, our partnership combines modern approaches to modeling, signal processing, and machine learning in order to develop and refine data analysis methods. The predictive models, physiologic markers, and clinical reasonings generated by PRISMAP will serve to improve patient care in perioperative environments.


Dr. Azra Bihorac

Dr. Bihorac is an internist, nephrologist, general and neuro-intensivist with a career-long clinical and research interest in postoperative complications, more specifically sepsis and acute kidney injury. She also has an abiding interest in complex biological systems, human-machine interaction, and the use of rapid analytic techniques to optimize unstable patient care in real time.

Dr. Azra Bihorac

Our Teams


We collaborate with partners across several departments at UF to advance innovation in medicine.

group photo of PRISMAp partners