Group Members


Headshot of Dr. Bihorac

PRISMAp Lab Director

Azra Bihorac, MD, MS, FCCM, FASN

Dr. Bihorac is an internist, nephrologist, general and neuro-intensivist with a career-long clinical and research interest in postoperative complications. She specializes in studying sepsis and acute kidney injury. Her interests lie in complex biological systems, human-machine interaction, and the use of rapid analytic techniques to optimize unstable patient care in real time.

Faculty Members

Tezcan Ozrazgat Baslanti

data and analytics core leader

Tezcan Ozrazgat Baslanti, PhD

Statistical Methods in Biomedical Data Science

Tyler Loftus MD

PriSMA-P Partner, Department of surgery

Tyler J. Loftus, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Acute Care Surgeon

Postdoctoral Associates

Postdoctoral Associate

Yuanfang Ren, PhD

Computer Science, Software Engineering

Yuanfang Ren

Postdoctoral Associate

Esra Adıyeke, PhD

Machine Learning, Operations Research

Esra Adiyeke

Data/System Analysts

System Manager and Data Analyst

Ziyuan Guan

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ziyuan Guan

Data Management Analyst

Shunshun Miao

Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Shunshun Miao


project coordinator

George Omalay

Engineering, Management

George Omalay

Clinical Core Co-Leader

Haleh Hashemighouchani

Acute Kidney Injury, Delirium, Diabetes, Machine learning, AI

Haleh Hashemighouchani

Clinical research coordinator

Alexandra Ro

Sociology, Racial & Class Disparities in Healthcare, AI

Photo of Alexandra Ro smiling

Clinical Research Coordinator

Upal Bose

Biomedical Sciences

Photo of Upal Bose


Former Clinical Research Coordinator/Data Analyst

Matthew Ruppert

Biomedical Data Science, AKI, Delirium

Portrait photo of Matthew Ruppert

clinical research coordinator

Julie Cupka

AKI, Delirium

Julie Cupka

data analyst/programmer

Sabyasachi Bandyopadhyay

Biomedical Instrumentation, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition

sabyasachi bandyopadhyay

Student Research Assistants

Sabrina M Guillen

Health Disparities, Neuroscience, Psychology, Chemistry, AI

Image of Sabrina Guillen

Kiara E. Fierman

Genetics and genomics, specifically, CRISPR

Image of Kiara Fierman

Victoria Hough

Health Disparities, Bacteriophages, Emergency Medicine, AI

Image of Victoria Hough

Isha Verma

Health disparities, medical devices

Image of Isha Verma


  • Tiffany Gandhikumar
  • Raiya Habib, MD


  • Shounak Datta
  • Anis Davoudi
  • Patrick Tighe, MD
  • Nicholas Lysak, MD
  • Ferdous Kadri, MD
  • Meghan Brennan, MD
  • Harini Bejjanki, MD
  • Amir Kazory, MD
  • Shahab Bozorgmehri, MPH
  • George Arnaoutakis
  • Alina N. Merceron
  • Jacob Rubin
  • Laura Maria Velez Turizo
  • Maisha Akbar
  • Jessica Pflugfelder Lipori
  • Seth F. Williams
  • Sherry Brown, RN
  • Ganiel Freeman
  • Margaret G. Downey
  • Ashley Hoover
  • Justin S. Patton