Group Members


Photo of PRISMAp director Azra Bihorac

PRISMAp Lab Director

Azra Bihorac, MD, MS, FCCM, FASN

Dr. Bihorac is an internist, nephrologist, general and neuro-intensivist with a career-long clinical and research interest in postoperative complications. She specializes in studying sepsis and acute kidney injury. Her interests lie in complex biological systems, human-machine interaction, and the use of rapid analytic techniques to optimize unstable patient care in real time.

Faculty Members

PRISMA-P member Tezcan Ozrazgat Baslanti, PhD

data and analytics core leader

Tezcan Ozrazgat Baslanti, PhD

Statistical Methods in Biomedical Data Science /

Tyler Loftus MD

PriSMA-P Partner, Department of surgery

Tyler J. Loftus, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Acute Care Surgeon /

ben shickle headshot

Assistant Professor of AI, UF College of Medicine

Benjamin Shickel, PhD

Assistant Professor of AI, UF College of Medicine / Associate Director for Education in the UF Intelligent Clinical Care Center (IC3) /


Data/System Analysts


  • Grace Cheng (Images)
  • Joshua Jacobs
  • Hunter Shepard
  • Quinn Yuan
  • Carissa Longo (Clinical/Racial Justice)
  • Aaryn Brown (Clinical/Pervasive Sensing)


  • Tiffany Gandhikumar
  • Raiya Habib, MD
  • Sabrina M. Guillen
  • Kiara E. Fierman
  • Isha Verma
  • Shounak Datta
  • Anis Davoudi
  • Patrick Tighe, MD
  • Nicholas Lysak, MD
  • Ferdous Kadri, MD
  • Meghan Brennan, MD
  • Harini Bejjanki, MD
  • Amir Kazory, MD
  • Shahab Bozorgmehri, MPH
  • George Arnaoutakis
  • Alina N. Merceron
  • Jacob Rubin
  • Laura Maria Velez Turizo
  • Maisha Akbar
  • Jessica Pflugfelder Lipori
  • Seth F. Williams
  • Sherry Brown, RN
  • Ganiel Freeman
  • Margaret G. Downey
  • Ashley Hoover
  • Justin S. Patton