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Artificial Intelligence System for Patient Care

PRISMAp researchers develop artificial intelligence system for fast, accurate patient care.

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UF Researchers Create VR App to Help Medical Professionals De-Stress

Researchers at the University of Florida have created virtual reality (VR) software to help medical professionals de-stress from the demands of work and the pandemic.

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Artificial Intelligence Used in ICU to Predict Risk of Mortality

UF researchers are developing a software program to predict mortality risk for ICU patients in real-time.

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UF researchers create algorithm that accurately predicts surgical complications

University of Florida researchers have developed a computer algorithm that is more accurate than a doctor when it comes to predicting surgical complications.

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Developing stronger, better and faster powered medical technology

Drs. Azra Bihorac and Parisa Rashidi have created a system that speeds up and more accurately determines a patient’s condition using artificial intelligence.

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UF researchers develop artificial intelligence system for fast, accurate patient care

UF researchers develop artificial intelligence system for fast, accurate patient care

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UF Health researchers validate early predictor of lethal kidney condition

Researchers have found a way to identify critically ill patients who are at risk of developing acute kidney injury — a potentially fatal and often asymptomatic condition.

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Study Finds Link Between Insurance Type and Treatment For Stroke Patients

University of Florida researchers have found a correlation between Medicare and patient access to surgical treatment for subarachnoid hemorrhage, a type of stroke that affects as many as 30,000 Americans each year — often causing death or long-term impairment and disability.

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Keeping Kidneys Safe: Kidney injury during surgery

The researchers hope their findings will lead to improved prevention, treatment and follow-up care for patients who sustain acute kidney injury during or after vascular surgery.

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